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Bryce Fullwood A Winning Combination

A young Northern Territorian has taken the Australian Racing Car scene by storm, while recently taking on his new-found career as an electrical apprentice.…

Bryce Fullwood, the hottest motorsports name in the Northern Territory, always knew it was only a matter of time before stepping up into the big league. He finds himself firmly settled into the second tier of motor racing, competing at one of the biggest competitions in Australia – The Dunlop Super2 Series. 

It all began when Bryce was 10 years old and found a true passion for go-kart racing. As a young boy, born and bred in Darwin, he loved everything and anything that had wheels. This hobby soon turned into a competitive activity becoming more than just a bit of fun racing on weekends. “I used to race together with Dad and I was told, if I’m good for a month I’d be able to go to Melbourne and race in the go-karting competitions.” As Bryce’s talent developed and his parents realised his true potential, he began competing across Australia, eventually winning numerous Junior State Championship Titles, a National Title and even battling in Spain at the World Championship Finals.

Bryce’s love for racing was never questioned and his father Brad Fullwood was a major influence. Memories of their close relationship from a young age, are some of Bryce’s fondest, including working on old Holdens together in their backyard. Bryce left Darwin at the ripe age of 16 to chase his dream and made an immediate impact into the world of motorsport. “I had incredible support, people in the local community believed in me. Being the only Northern Territorian to ever compete in V8 Supercars, is something special and I’m very proud to represent my state.” Having made the move from his hometown to the Gold Coast to base himself and kick start his racing career, Bryce realised that the real opportunities were in Melbourne. Bryce relocated to Melbourne where he continued to push the barriers and defy the odds with his determination and hunger. Progressing from go-karting he moved straight into the Dunlop Super2 Series. Passing the V8 Touring Car Series without racing a car is quite unique.

Currently residing in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the young boy from Darwin has matured on a personal and professional level. Living a world away from family and childhood friends to focus on his dreams. “There are so many teams down here in Melbourne and it was a strategic decision to make the move, with the best opportunity to compete and breakthrough into tier 1 of V8 Supercar Racing. ”After completing the full series of the V8 Supercars Dunlop Series in 2016, Bryce said “Bathurst 1000 last year was a turning point in my racing performances and ever since I’ve gone to that next level. I’m more composed and I’m seeing better results as I continue to work very closely with my engineer and team at MW Motorsports.”

Aside from racing, Bryce recently made a massive decision and one that will put him in great stead for a stellar career path in the electrical industry. He changed careers from working as a mechanic with his team at MW Motorsports to join McQuinn Electrical as a first-year apprentice at Carrum Downs. “I know I’ve made the right choice as certain trades such as electricians are needed within Australia. I can go home at any point and pick up my apprenticeship with my parents’ business or a local business if my racing career starts declining.” Bryce believes he needs a backup plan for life after racing and understands that a racing career won’t last forever. His plan is to start his pre-apprenticeship and work towards finishing his A-grade certificate to become a qualified electrician. This accreditation will provide many options and open different doors for Bryce to make his own way in the world.There’s no question that Bryce’s parents have given him the foundations to succeed in life and work hard to achieve success. Bryce believes his parents had a slight influence on his decision to start his electrical apprenticeship. His parents Brad and Kelly run NT Electrical Group, one of the largest Electrical Contracting Companies in the Northern Territory. Both Kelly and Brad have shared their thoughts with their son on the mountain of opportunity an electrical trade can create for someone beginning their career in the workforce. It’s an industry that has certainly been incredibly rewarding to them for over 20 years.

Since starting his apprenticeship at McQuinn Electrical, Bryce is learning the ropes and has undoubtedly got what it takes to make the transition from an electrical apprentice into a lifelong career in the trade. “My work-life balance has needed some adjusting and getting used to. I begin work early each morning and after finishing a full day, I head straight to training, repeating the routine each day.” 

“The team at McQuinn Electrical know my routine and Colin, my boss, has made my work collegues aware of my racing schedule, so they know I’m not slacking off when I’m not there.” Bryce understands that the electrical trade can be demanding, especially whilst balancing a professional racing career. It’s a constant learning process and one he’s willing to put in the hard yards for to ensure later life success. “I’m forever grateful for the opportunity McQuinn Electrical have given me to kick start my career as a sparky”. Bryce Fullwood will look to undertake his pre-apprenticeship with NECA Education & Careers in the next few months.

He’s in a positive mindset, staying very focused and determined for the upcoming races ahead of the Super2 Series. The belief is that his new-found apprenticeship in the electrical industry and living in close proximity to the MW Motorsport team might be that perfect winning combination to reap success for the remainder of the year.

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