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Are Your Interviewing Skills up to Scratch?

Many electrical contractors could be searching for new talent in the new year. How can you ensure your interview technique is up to standard?

When key members of your team have signalled their intention to leave, as well as taking their valuable electrical skills and knowledge with them, the departure can leave a significant hole in your leadership team. 

Interviewing Technique Standards

There is a common misconception that the onus is on the electrical candidate to have all the answers in a job interview. However, it is important to remember that job interviews are a two-way street. As such, your own interview technique needs to be up to scratch. If electrical contractors want the best talent available, they’ll need to control the tone, speed and angle of the interview.

The Importance of Interview Technique

Job interviews are essentially a showcase of your business so even if a candidate is unsuccessful in their bid, they can walk away from the experience with a greater sense of your reputation. This can boost the brand of your electrical business in the industry.

Ineptly handled interviews send a damaging message about what it’s like to work at your organisation, deterring talent from applying for jobs in future.

Consistent Question Line Key Essential

While every interview is different, one of the key ways to enhance your ability is to be consistent. Using the same questions with every candidate can make selection easier.

Compile a list of questions that encourage the candidate to explain their skills and what they can bring to the table.

Then, for every candidate going for the role, use the same basic line of questioning - diverting slightly based on their answers. At the end of the process, this will provide the information necessary to compare candidates and select the most suitable one.

Ensure the Candidate is Relaxed and Welcomed

Another important consideration for electrical business leaders is making sure the candidate is relaxed before, during and after the interview. They might have all the qualifications and experience you seek, but might not be able to explain this in so many words.

It is critical for candidates to feel welcome and relaxed before they have to answer any questions. You must lead the early exchanges and outline the company and why the role is available. This should provide your candidate enough time to settle themselves and form a base for a productive interview.

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