Read the latest issue of Middy’s MAG – out now!

Read the latest issue of Middy’s MAG – out now!

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TechEnergy Energy Efficient Ideas

Providing the right choice for your customer.

Most electrical contractors are aware of the many energy efficient products available on the market, but do you know which products provide the greatest benefit to your customers? Middy's TechEnergy has been setup to provide product knowledge and installation information to make you an expert on energy efficient products.

We want you to feel confident offering your customers energy efficient solutions that will provide a practical solution for long term savings. Conduct an 'Energy Smart Audit' for your customers, then upgrade them to more energy efficient models. Most consumers are not aware of how much energy these new products are capable of saving them. When informed they typically choose to spend the extra outlay to get the payback over a few years.

Selling the benefits to consumers is easy:

  • Direct reduction on energy bills
  • Proactively helping the environment
  • Dealing directly with their trusted electrician, not unknown solar companies
  • Protect against future rising electricity costs
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Minimal cost outlay utilising government small scale technology certificates
  • Sell excess power back to the grid

Providing Energy Smart Audits to customers provides them with all the options so they can make an educated decision.

Future Proof Your Business

Middy’s TechEnergy provides end to end solutions for electrical contractors wanting to enter into the technology field. We also provide a range of onsite classroom training opportunities for registered electrical contractors and trade professionals at our Smart Centre in Mulgrave.

Our trained and specialised TechEnergy staff can assist you with as little or as much advice as you need, providing you with the confidence to offer new technologies as part of your business service, ultimately leading to new income streams and services for your business..

Our team can assist you with:

  • Home & Building Automation
  • Electronic Security, CCTV, Alarms and Access Control
  • Smart Technologies
  • Audio, Visual & Home Theatre
  • Networking & Data Comms