Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and information for Middy’s customers

New RCBO Regulations for Victoria Commence 1 July 2018

Energy Safe Victoria advised the Victorian electrical industry last year that RCBO’s sold/installed in Victoria that meet a certain specification, had to comply with new regulations from 1 July 2018.

To view Q&A section on the ESV website that addresses common questions on which RCBO products are affected and the new regulations, click here.

Middy’s RCBO suppliers have been working with ESV for some time to ensure that as many of their products comply with the new regulations. Energy Safe Victoria issued a list of brands and models of RCBO’s that are compliant with the new regulations on their website on 1st May.

Middy’s commenced removing the non-compliant RCBO products from the shelves of our Victorian branches a number of weeks ago and will have all non-compliant RCBO products removed by 30 June. The new ESV regulations for the specified range of RCBO’s are relevant to the Victorian electrical industry only and are unlikely to affect other states in the future. As such, all Middy’s branches outside of Victoria will continue to sell Australian standard approved and tested RCBO products from a range of Middy’s approved supplier partners. For more information on the new regulations affecting the Victorian electrical industry, go to the Energy Safe Victoria website and search under “RCBO”.

Click here to view those products by brand that meet the new regulations.