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Industry & Regulations Update

You can rely on Middy’s to keep you up to date with any industry or regulation changes that may affect your business…

Middy’s takes pride in only selling brands and products that come with strong sales and technical support and fully comply with all state and federal regulations. There has been a number of changes to regulations this year that have affected some of our most popular products and brands.

Energy Safe Victoria introduced new regulations that came into play from 1 July 2018 that affected a number of models and brands of single pole RCBOs that we stocked. We have worked with all our preferred suppliers of RCBOs to ensure that our stocks have been cleansed of all non compliant RCBOs in our Victorian branches (the new regulations didn’t affect other states) as of 1 July 2018. If you work in Victoria and are unsure whether your van/office stock of RCBOs are compliant, check out the ESV website

DC Isolators
Isolators used on renewable energy installation sites (most commonly PV Solar sites) must now comply (effective 1 July 2018) with the Level 3 certification of the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS). Suppliers and manufacturers of DC Isolators must apply to have their products registered on the EESS site. Middy’s have been informed by Energy Safe Victoria they are adopting an “educational stance” on any inspections they perform. Other state technical regulators are adopting varying levels of tolerance to contractors and wholesalers selling products that are yet to appear on the EESS website. Check with the technical authority in your state (via their website) to see how they are policing non compliant DC isolator models. Middy’s branches nationally will continue to only stock compliant models of DC Isolators.

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #23 Sep - Nov 2018 Edition.  Read Latest Issue