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Seb’s Big Shave

A personal connection inspires a Big Shave…

On the 27th May, Middy’s Welshpool employee, Sebastian (Seb) Correia, completed the final step of his fundraising campaign for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) by shaving his head. Surrounded by friends and family, the shave took place in the comfort of his home in Stirling, with a BBQ to mark the occasion.

It is needless to say, Seb had let his hair grow rather long. He had never let it grow to this length before and decided he would shave it all off to raise funds for charity. Sadly, two years ago Seb’s mother passed away from cancer. This personal connection inspired him to elect the ACRF as his charity of choice.

Whilst appreciative of all donations, Seb particularly wanted to thank Middy’s for their donation of $2,500 and Welshpool customer, Steve from S.K.F Electrical, who donated $1,000.  Seb also extends his thanks to Welshpool customers: Dacs Electrical, G.A Perry, Zenelec, B.A Scott, Saunders Electrical and Double O for their generous donations. A big thank you also to Seb’s colleagues at Middy’s Welshpool, not only for donating, but for all of the promotional work they did.  The grand total raised was $7,353.81. This figure greatly exceeded Seb’s goal of raising $2,000.  An absolutely terrific effort to all those involved!

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #23 Sep - Nov 2018 Edition.  Read Latest Issue