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Come charge with us

Middy's now have an Electric Vehicle charging station on site at our Smart Centre.

With renovations having recently been finalised at the Middy’s Smart Centre we’d like to tell you about one of the exciting additions you’ll see when you next visit.

In the car park located at the front of the building, you’ll notice that an electric vehicle charging station has been installed. The EVlink Wallbox is weatherproof, easy to use and compatible with most electric vehicles. Simply connect the vehicle to the charging station and head inside the Smart Centre while your vehicle charges.

The robustness of EV chargers allows them to be used in many different environments, whether that’s residential or private parking areas. If you’re interested in finding out more and having a discussion about EV chargers, visit the Smart Centre at 214 Wellington Road Clayton, or ask at your local Middy’s branch.

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #27 Sep - Nov ‘19 Edition. Read Latest Issue