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KASTA® Smart Control Solutions

KASTA® Smart Control Solutions

Coming Soon To Middy’s: KASTA® Smart Control Solutions

From smart automated solutions that add convenience to a home, to expanded electrical solutions that overcome wiring limitations in both residential and commercial spaces, the suite of KASTA® products suit a wide variety of custom applications.

Proudly distributed by Haneco Lighting Australia, KASTA® empowers electrical contractors to stay ahead of the curve by future proofing their work with an ever-expanding range of modular control solutions, that offer simple sophistication and reliable connectivity for an enhanced lifestyle.

KASTA® automation and control devices deliver an exceptional experience that can be simply retrofit to existing infrastructure or included in new builds. The range is based on wireless Bluetooth mesh network technology, requiring no additional cabling, unlike more complex systems on the market. KASTA® intelligent devices are IoT ready and completely scalable; allowing the customer to grow their automation and controls system as and when required.

KASTA® has been carefully selected by Haneco Lighting Australia as their preferred smart products supplier. KASTA’s continuous dedication to improvement through research and development, strongly aligns with Haneco’s company core value of innovation.

KASTA® is excited to partner with Middy’s to provide smart automated solutions that enhance lifestyles of electrical contractors through to end users.

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