Read the latest issue of Middy’s MAG – out now!

Read the latest issue of Middy’s MAG – out now!

Gemcell Great Aussie Giveaway, Tales from Gallipoli Cove...

Brad Collinder from Collinder Electrics was one of five lucky winners to win a free trip to Turkey and experience Anzac Day at Gallipoli Cove as part of the Gemcell Gems “Great Aussie Giveaway”...
Middys: Was the competition easy to enter? What was your reaction when you found out you’d won?

BC: It was easy as; we purchased participating products at Middy’s, went online to enter and filled out a survey, and that was it. Took 5 mins. We were notified by phone as being a winner. I actually thought the girl ringing was joking so told her “yeah sure I’m going to Gallipoli” and hung up. I was reasonably stoked to find when she emailed me that we had actually won! Safe to say I called her straight back and apologised!

M: How long have you been a Middy’s customer, and what does your business specialise in?

BC: We’ve been a Middy’s customer since our company began over 50 years ago. We’re a second generation family business (Collinder Electrics: specialising in mainly residential work. We also have a passion for growing our business in home automation, CCTV and integration of tech to the home.

M: The trip was for two. Who was lucky enough to go with you?

BC: Jamie Spiteri was the lucky guy who got the gig. Jamie and I have been partners in crime working together in the business for years.

M: When did you go and how long for? Did you combine the trip with other destinations?

BC: We went earlier this year over Anzac Day (April 25th), the wholetrip overall was 8 days. We just followed the itinerary set out for usfrom start to finish all laid out as part of the prize package. The set up was awesome and we were totally looked after the whole time. Our travel organiser (thanks Ashley) was great as Jamie didn’t even have a passport but nothing was too much hassle for her to sort out. It really was well organised, the transfers, hotels, meals, everything. No hassles, bullet proof, couldn’t have been happier.

M: What was your impression of Anzac Cove? Were you able to attend the dawn service at the Cove or any other event?

BC: Without doubt Anzac cove was the highlight of the trip. Yes we attended the dawn service, we had VIP seats front and centre with a great outlook of the entire event. We got there around midnight as it was an all night event with old movies, clips and documentaries showing, as well as talking and sharing stories with others attending. It felt like it went in an instant. The service itself kicked off at 5:30am and went for a couple of hours. We were held in raptures the whole time. It was an amazing experience, emotionally overwhelming and it rocks you to the core to hear what both sides went through. It really did make us proud to be Australian. It strikes a chord as a key part of Australian history and represents the best about our culture and what defined Australia as a young nation. You can’t help but come away from an experience like this as a better person with a better perspective. I’d recommend anyone to go and experience it. .

M: Did you learn much about the history of the Anzacs and was this something you were interested in?

BC: I gained a much better understanding of the history behind the battle of Gallipoli. James already had a good appreciation of the history from studying it back home and having a good awareness. I didn’t know much prior to going, but I certainly do now! For me, hearing the Turkish side of the story really hit home. The Turks’ perspective adds to the tragedy of war, they were just defending their own turf and didn’t want to kill us any more than we wanted to kill them. They tried to tell us not to keep going. The two sides actually had quite a respect for each other.

M: Were you able to take your mind off work?

BC: The eight days went too quickly, it was action packed the whole time we didn’t really have time to worry about work. We did plan around it so it looked after itself, and was there when we got back! A massive thankyou to Gemcell and Middy’s for putting the promo on and Clipsal and Schneider for supporting it.