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Join the Middy's Family

Come join the family at Middy's!

Come join the family at Middy's

Middy's employs over 700 staff across various fields in the electrical wholesale industry nationwide, and we’re always looking for quality people to grow our family.

We employ people in areas of customer service, marketing, finance, administration, logistics and technology. Our focus is wherever possible to promote from within and provide opportunities for our employees to grow with us, develop their skills and enjoy the rewards. From the branches to sales management, we have many great stories to tell about our employees.

If you think you can fit the bill and are interested in building a career with a great Australian company that values you as an individual, why wait?

Come join the family at Middy's
 Join the Middy's Family

We'll help you achieve your goals

At Middy's we provide support, direction and most importantly training for our staff to assist you in your career development.

We have pioneered registered training courses in electrical wholesaling that are today government recognised qualifications. This in conjunction with extensive product based training provides our staff with the edge.

Family Owned & Run

While Middy's is a large company the family values hold true in all elements.

Our size and geographic diversity provides career options in broad and diverse employment areas throughout Australia. The ongoing family involvement in the company ensures decision making is clear and concise.

Find out more about Middy's Core Values.