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WIN a $10k Dream Holiday (CLOSED)

Spend $500 in a single transaction for your chance to win.

Work with the Best Brands

This promotion has now finished - congratulations to all our major and minor prize winners!

Middy's has joined forces with its best brands to give away 14 x $10,000 Flight Centre Gift Cards, plus 220 x Limited Edition Middy's Coolers.


Congratulation to our 14 x Major Prize winners who have each won a $10,000 Flight Centre Gift Card:
  1. Jason Freer - Full Scope Electrical Services P/L, Middy's Moorebank
  2. Ben Hassall - No Hassalls Electrical & Airconditioning +Solar, Middy's Palmerston
  3. Ben Smits - Queensland Technical Solutions Pty Ltd, Middy's Brendale
  4. Anthony Hayes - Hayes A L Electrical Pty Ltd, Middy's Somerton Park
  5. Francis Callan - Callan Electric, Middy's Hobart Eastern Shore (Mornington)
  6. Andrew Shearer - AKS Electrical Services, Middy's Ocean Grove
  7. Josh Mcrae - Lodel2, Middy's Shepparton
  8. Gerry Stow - Stow Gerry, Middy's Wodonga
  9. Chris - Mader International Pty Ltd, Middy's Campbellfield
  10. SKS Technologies Pty Ltd, Middy's Melbourne
  11. Dean Barton - Jims Electrical Glen Iris, Middy's St Kilda
  12. Michael Park - M Spark Electrical, Middy's Rowville
  13. Brody Smith Electrical P/L, Middy's Bairnsdale
  14. Stephen Forsey - S K F Electrical, Middy's Welshpool
Congratulation to our 220 x Minor Prize winners who have each won a Limited Edition Middy's Cooler:
Simon Abela (VIC)
Franz Abmaranz (VIC)
Paul Allan (VIC)
Ron Allen (VIC)
Craig Andrew (VIC)
Drazen Andric (VIC)
Ibrahim Ayache (NSW)
Luke Bainbridge (VIC)
Daniel Barbara (VIC)
Nikola Baresic (VIC)
James Barr (VIC)
Matthew Bermingham (QLD)
Rob Best (VIC)
Coen Bird (VIC)
Beau Boton (VIC)
Matthew Bracegirdle (VIC)
Shaun Breadsell (QLD)
Lance Brown (VIC)
Ryan Brown (WA)
Dan Caine (TAS)
Dean Caligari (VIC)
Zac Campbell (VIC)
Andrew Cappello (VIC)
Daniel Cassar (VIC)
Neil Clarke (VIC)
Brett Collins (VIC)
Chris Collins (VIC)
Jarod Comer (QLD)
Brenton Cox (VIC)
Marcus Cranny (VIC)
Sam Dalton (VIC)
Sam Damato (VIC)
Gilbert Dantier (VIC)
Moody Dauod (VIC)
Levi Dawson (VIC)
Maarten De Wilt (VIC)
Scott Deslandes (NT)
Domenic Di Mascio (VIC)
Andrew Droffelaar (SA)
Allan Dunkley (QLD)
Phil Edwards (VIC)
Okan Ercika (VIC)
Richard Falla (VIC)
Jason Finney (VIC)
Zack Fitzpatrick (VIC)
Gail Flegg (WA)
Anthony Foster (VIC)
Mark Gambetti (SA)
Keith Gardner (NT)
Paul Geraghty (QLD)
Greg Gil (VIC)
Cameron Gillies (VIC)
Ben Goodey (VIC)
Alec Goodson (VIC)
Colin Gordon (SA)
Jason Graham (VIC)
Jack Grahl (NT)
Peter Griffin (VIC)
Travis Grist (VIC)
Nick Hardie (VIC)
Rick Hopper (VIC)
Robert Houston (VIC)
Greg Howard (SA)
Frank Hurmiz (VIC)
Marty Iannelli (VIC)
Eyan Ingles (VIC)
Almas Jamdar (VIC)
John James (VIC)
Travis Jennings (VIC)
Jake Jennings (VIC)
Sean Jones (VIC)
Oliver Jovanovski (VIC)
Linda Jovanovski (VIC)
Senad Jusufovic (VIC)
Paul Kang (VIC)
Bernard Kapelle (VIC)
Gerry Kelly (WA)
Shane Key (VIC)
Jason Klop (TAS)
Terry Knight (VIC)
Christopher Lahiff (VIC)
Enzo Lanza (WA)
Martin Lee (VIC)
Scott Lestrange (VIC)
Daine Lowery (VIC)
Joe Luddeni (VIC)
Kevin Lyons (WA)
Josh Mackenzie (VIC)
Julianne Mackey (WA)
Mick Magilton (VIC)
Beth Mahaney (QLD)
Matt Mahon (VIC)
Tony Malady (VIC)
Youssef Mantach (WA)
Nick Marsh (VIC)
David Martin (VIC)
Gary Matheson (VIC)
Trev Matthews (VIC)
Luke McDonald (VIC)
Troy McDonald (VIC)
Steve McDonald (VIC)
Gregory Mceachern (VIC)
Nat McKay (VIC)
Jake McLardy (VIC)
Tim Miller (VIC)
Ross Moloney (VIC)
Brad Mongta (VIC)
Charlie Morris (VIC)
Rodney Morton (VIC)
Mario Muleta (VIC)
Ryan Murphy (TAS)
Robert Nedelkovski (VIC)
Jesse Nelson (TAS)
Bill Nye (VIC)
Matt Odonnell (VIC)
Justin O'Donnell (SA)
Tim O'Halloran (VIC)
Chris Paatsch (VIC)
Simon Papasavvas (VIC)
Timothy Pargeter (VIC)
John Patten (VIC)
Andrew Patterson (VIC)
Mick Paulet (VIC)
Brian Pearce (NT)
Aron Pearce (SA)
Jake Peckham (VIC)
Dustin Pengelly (SA)
Nick Perdelis (VIC)
Jack Perkin (VIC)
Adrian Perumal (VIC)
James Pitts (VIC)
Shaun Ploenges (VIC)
Henry Plunkett (WA)
Simon Pollard (VIC)
Raymond Post (VIC)
Linley Potou (VIC)
Mark Primerano (VIC)
Richard Quinn (VIC)
Adam Renaud (VIC)
Darryl Richards (QLD)
Clint Richards (VIC)
Peter Richardson (QLD)
Vincent Ripepi (VIC)
Craig Rollinson (VIC)
Harley Roots (NSW)
Graeme Roy (VIC)
Anthony Santoro (SA)
Robert Scott (VIC)
Joshua Sheppard (VIC)
Aaron Siemienowicz (VIC)
Nic Sim (VIC)
Glen Smith (VIC)
Paul Smith (VIC)
Nick Smith (VIC)
Daniel Smith (VIC)
Rocky Sofo (VIC)
David Spiteri (VIC)
Cain Stewart (VIC)
Brad Stone (VIC)
Paul Stuart (VIC)
Brenton Stuart (VIC)
Chris Sweeting (WA)
Daniel Symes (VIC)
Adrian Taverna (VIC)
Jake Taylor (VIC)
Davin Taylor (VIC)
Adam Thomas (VIC)
Jason Thomas (VIC)
Tonia Thompson (NT)
Brett Thornton (NSW)
Darren Tonna (VIC)
Neil Tudor (WA)
Karl Turner (VIC)
Daniel Tyrrell (VIC)
Darren Vandersweep (VIC)
Marko Vidovic (QLD)
Noel Wallace (NT)
Bronsen Weir (VIC)
Brett White (VIC)
Darren Willems (VIC)
Brad Williams (VIC)
Nick Wood (VIC)
David Yousef (NSW)
Karam Yousif (VIC)
Mohammed Zeno (VIC)
Mitch Burgess Electrical  (NSW)
J D Y Electrical  (NSW)
Heterick Electrical Services Pty  (NSW)
Quirke Electrical  (QLD)
M3 Electrical Contracting  (TAS)
Electrical Wavves  (TAS)
DS Electrical Contractor  (VIC)
Riley McGregor  (VIC)
1 Step Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Callum Donald  (VIC)
John Michael Byrne Family Trust  (VIC)
MGP Electrics Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Williams Builders Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Live Elec  (VIC)
Jjw Electrical And Data  (VIC)
Jk Electrical Group Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Global Solar Brokers Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Essential Cabling  (WA)
Center Point Energy Services  (WA)
Primetech Electrical Pty Ltd  (NSW)
Justin TA  (NSW)
CPBContractors P/Ltd  (NSW)
B & J City Kitchen Pty Ltd  (NSW)
Rash Electrical  (NSW)
Boss Control  (NSW)
JD Refrigeration  (NSW)
V&C  (NSW)
Justin Weeks Electrical Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Dayne Butler Electrical  (VIC)
Symtek Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Acme Electrical Akmi Pty Ltd  (VIC)
PBSI Pty Ltd  (VIC)
Starts 00:01 AM AEDT 1/10/23. Ends 11:59 PM AEDT 30/11/23. Open to AUST residents 18+ who fulfil the entry/eligibility requirements. Spend $500+GST across any of the NINE (9) preferred suppliers between 1 Oct - 30 Nov 2023 on one invoice to receive ONE (1) entry into the draw. Spend $500+GST across any of the NINETEEN (19) promoted categories on one invoice to receive TWO (2) entries. Major Prize is a $10,000 Flight Centre Gift Card valued at $10,000 (incl. GST). 14 prizes available across 110 participating branches. Minor Prize is a Middy’s 43L Cooler valued at $241.50 (incl. GST). 220 prizes available across 110 participating branches. Total prize pool is $193,130 (incl. GST). Prize draw 10:00 PM AEDT 6/12/23 at Level 2, 11 York St, Sydney, NSW, 2000. Winners notified via email & phone and published at 11/12/23. Promoter is Middendorp Electric Co Pty Ltd. ABN 49 338 705 390. 357 Ferntree Gully Rd, Mount Waverley, VIC, 3149. Authorised under SA Permit No. T23/1334, ACT Permit No. TP 23/01716, NSW Permit No. TP/02921. View Full Terms

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