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2018 Scholarship Winners

Meet the 2018 Scholarship Program Winners…

Once again our judging panel had a monumental task in deciding the winners for 2018 and would like to congratulate everyone who took the time to apply. Many of our winners were previous applicants who had not been successful in the past… so keep your eye on the prize and come back next year, stick at it!

 Gold Winners  Silver Winners
Rory Cross  - Queensland Data ‘N’ Electrical Services Rachel Castro - CV Services Group
Bradley Smith - Bradlec Electrical Joshua Ellis - Sharpline Electrics
Glyn Baker - Dorky Justin Bryce - Platinum Electricians Sunbury
Kyle Schubert - KDEC Electrical John Hayes - Queensland Data ‘N’ Electrical Services
Kyle Serdity - VK Logic Bruce Edwards - Edwards Electrical Contracting
Cameron Walker - KDEC Electrical Daniel Leonard - O'Halloran Electrics
Luke Hoffman - Ontime Plumbing and Electrical Services