Offering You More...

Middy's have always offered you more. Throughout our 90 years in the electrical industry our commitment has always been to work closely with you, our customers, to enhance your business and provide opportunities to develop our businesses together.

So whether it's choosing the right products, developing your staff, broadening your jobs, entering new technology markets or staying abreast of the latest industry news, Middy's is offering you more...

The Australian electrical industry is an ever changing landscape that constantly evolves to deliver new market opportunities. From datacomms and security; to automation and energy management, new business opportunities abound and the challenge for the installer is how to keep pace with these accelerating developments. At Middy's we see our responsibility as one of investing in the products, knowledge, skills and support services to enable our customers to exploit these new markets. With this support we enable you, our customers to offer a broader range of services to your clients, secure in the knowledge that you have the support to deliver.

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