P76 Street Machine

P76 Street Machine

The Middy's P76 Street Machine is our fully loaded, Australian designed and manufactured Middy's promotional vehicle.

The Leyland P76 shares a special history with Middys going back to the early 1970's Sales Rep cars. So what better way to celebrate this shared history than to build the fully loaded Middy's street machine version. This is no ordinary Sales Rep's car...

In keeping with Middy's tradition of supporting Australian industry the P76 / 607 Executive model was designed and manufactured in Australia. Director Hugh Middendorp purchased Leyland P76's for use as Sales Rep's Cars in the mid 1970's. Vehicle features including massive boot storage made the P76 ideal for this purpose. However the P76 only had the spotlight for a short space of time with the fuel crisis of the late 1970's and some infamous build quality issues seeing the P76 meet it's untimely demise after only a couple of years. However Its innovation and uniqueness has now seen it establish a place for itself in Australia's automotive history, with P76's becoming increasingly rare and collectible.

The Leyland P76 has its roots as one of the few 100% Australian designed and manufactured vehicles, featuring amongst many other technical innovations an all alloy V8 engine option, and the ability to fit a 44 gallon drum in its boot. When launched in 1973 the P76 won Wheels Car Of The Year. The P76 was manufactured in Sydney and knock down kits were also exported for sale in NZ.

In Sept 1995 Middy's director Nicholas Middendorp was purchasing company vehicles when a P76 was spotted in the auction house. A touch of nostalgia was triggered by the lot vehicle being pink, and memories of the 70's Middy's sales fleet resulted in the purchase of one slightly used P76 for the sum of $1,400. A semi restoration was undertaken and the vehicle was decked out in Middy's livery and used for promotional purposes. It appeared frequently at promotional events throughout this period, but over the years signs of increasing wear and tear became evident.

In 2007 the P76 underwent a full nuts and bolts ground up restoration and customisation.  This three year project resulted in the fully loaded Street Machine version Middy's P76 seen today... complete with airbrushed design and custom paintwork. Middy's are proud to have bought this specimen back to life as a sparkling customised Street Machine.

For details of the P76 touring schedule at a branch or event near you click here.