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Middy's Trade Accelerator

Middy’s Trade Accelerator program is designed to offer you more. When you join, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits created to help you get the work, do the work, get paid and live life.

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Middy’s Trade Accelerator Benefits

Exclusive access to new customer leads and referrals for markets including Solar, Lifestyle Control/Automation, EV Technology, Security and more.

Middy’s Home Services provides residential customers with fully installed electrical packages (coming soon).

For trades, Sorted is the digital platform that powers Middy’s Home Services. Use Sorted to get access to job-ready residential leads for your business, sign up today.

Get the work and save time on quoting and securing jobs by having access to job-ready homeowners leads.
Connect to more new customers and grow your business

For homeowners - Middy's Home Services offers packages fully installed by licensed electricians. Homeowners simply select their preferred package through Middy’s Home Services. They then upload photos of the environment alongside a short description. 

For your business  - Sorted provides residential leads to Middy’s Trade Accelerator members. Follow the steps below to get started or watch the tutorial here:

  • Sign up to Middy’s Trade Accelerator and head over to the Sorted sign-up page
  • Fill in your company details, your servicing region and your trade skill set. It is important to select your trade skill set in order to start receiving relevant jobs. See below for list of trade skill sets:
    • Electrician - Middy's (to receive general electrical work requests)
    • Electrician - Middy's Home Automation (to receive Wiser home automation work requests)
    • MIDDYS_EV_HOME_CHARGER (to receive EV installation work requests).
  • Important: After completing your registration, navigate to Team > Agents and add your Middy’s geographical code to link to your local Middy’s branch. The code for South Australia is MIDDYS_MTA_SA
  • Scope, quote and accept job leads as they come in by reviewing a customer's job description and photos.
  • Once agreed with the customer you are ready to go ahead and complete the work.
  • Head into your local Middy’s branch, or take advantage of the Middy’s Trade Accelerator free express delivery benefit, to receive your products.
  • All payment for work is managed between yourself and the customer
  • To receive customer reviews make sure you finalise processing of the job in the platform by updating “Artefacts” for completed job photos and copy of the invoice. Customer reviews will help boost your reputation and increase your likelihood of future business.

Currently there is no fee associated with this benefit..

Upon job completion, your customers will receive an invitation to leave a review for your services. Customer ratings from all completed jobs enhance your profile, increasing your chances of securing more work.

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Tech training for contractors and trade professionals.

Training for contractors and trade professionals across multiple sectors.

Trade Accelerator members receive 50% off all in-house & supplier product training sessions (excluding RTO courses). Members can also access supplier starter kits and first order discounts with qualifying courses.

Sign up to your chosen course and let us know you are a Middy's Trade Accelerator member. We will take care of the rest by applying the 50% discount to your end of month account.

No, consider them unlimited. Each course will receive the 50% discount.

Absolutely, 50% off for all Middy's Academy and Supplier Training Courses. Please note RTO courses are not included.

Many RTO courses are already eligible for Government or industry support.

View Courses Available

Offering your apprentice more training, plus a bonus welcome pack.

Training created specifically for apprentices to give them the industry skills they need. Learn more about Middy's Apprentice Program at your next Industry Info Night.

Members' apprentices receive a merchandise welcome pack, plus 10% apprentice discount on selected tools. This member offer is available in all qualifying regions. To learn more, make sure you're coming along to the next local Industry Info Night.

To sign your apprentice up, go here.

On top of receiving top-notch training, your apprentice will get a welcome merchandise pack, plus 10% apprentice discount on selected tools.

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Smart Integration Consultations available at a reduced rate of $90.

Middy's now have dedicated Smart integration technicians available to offer as a service to your customers. Incorporate TechEnergy solutions in your business to create technologically & electrically smarter buildings.

Middy's Trade Accelerator members get access to Smart Integration Consultations at a reduced rate of $90, as opposed to the standard rate of $150 per hour. 

Speak to your local Middy's branch staff members to learn more about Smart Home Integration. To learn more about Smart Integration Services go online Middy's Trade Accelerator Enquiry (Free Smart Integration Services)

Speak to one of our team members at your local Middy's branch.

The reduced rate for Smart Integration Consultations can be redeemed by Middy's Trade Accelerator members as many times as you like. 

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10 free proposals valued at $1500.

A project proposal tool developed by Middy’s TechEnergy that uses customer energy bills & usage data to generate customised project proposals to help reduce customer energy bills by seeing accurate cost projections & savings.

Members of Middy’s Trade Accelerator receive 10 free EnergyTrust® proposals per annum. That is a $1,500 saving.

Speak to your local Middy's branch team to learn more about EnergyTrust, or go online here.

Nothing - it's free to Trade Accelerator members.

Grow your business and do more with EnergyTrust® integration - not to mention, it's free of charge if you're a Trade Accelerator Member.

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Earn more entries in promotions.

In every Middy’s trade promotion Trade Accelerator members will earn more entries in draws with their purchases.

Trade Accelerator members will have a greater chance of winning promotions.

Middy's Trade Accelerator members will have more chances of winning promotions. For example, you could gain double entries in the next promotion, just by signing up as an Middy's Trade Accelerator member.

See the latest Middy's promotions here.

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Free, metro express delivery

Free, Metro express delivery is available, and same-day delivery available when orders placed before 2pm. Orders delivered by Middy’s couriers - third party couriers used when Middy’s are unavailable.

Middy's Trade Accelerator members will get free, Metro express direct-to-site delivery.

Your order will come same-day if ordered before 2:00pm in Metro Adelaide.

Express & priority delivery is free to all Middy's Trade Accelerator members.

Yes - Middy's will deliver your package direct-to-site.

When placing your order online through myAccount, tick the express free delivery box. Our system will know you're already a Middy's Trade Accelerator member, so as long as you order online before 2pm, we'll get it to your site the same day.

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3 free consultations valued at $1500.

An online software tool to help sell more electrical and smart technology products. Design an electrical and home technology package and select from a catalogue of a wide range of brands & products.

As a Middy's Trade Accelerator member, you will receive 3 free consultations per annum, working out to a $1500 saving.

Speak to your local Middy's branch team to learn more about SMARTspec, or go online here.

SMARTspec is FREE for Middy’s Trade Accelerator members.

Take your business to the next level as a Middy's Trade Accelerator member. We'll help you get started with SMARTspec and show you all you need to know. Not to mention, it's free of charge if you're a Trade Accelerator member.

Yes - members will receive a maximum of 3 free consultations per annum and a maximum saving of $1500.

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Exclusive offers from a range of partners.

From time to time, Middy's will share exclusive offers from a range of partners, such as Skins, Swisse, HelloFresh and Akubra. Watch out for these exclusive offers in-branch and online!

From time to time, Middy's will share exclusive offers from a range of partners, such as Skins, Swisse, HelloFresh and Akubra. Watch out for these exclusive offers in-branch and online!

There will be a range of partners and offers available. These partners will be changing throughout the year.

Offers and discounts on lifestyle products, rewards and experiences will be available.

Middy's Trade Accelerator members will have access to exclusive offers across a range of Middy's partners.

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Middy's Trade Accelerator FAQs

How do I join?

Simply complete the form above.

What do I need to join?

You'll need your Middy's trade account number, complete the form with first and last name, phone number and email address.

How much does it cost?

It's free to join.

Who can join?

Any Middy's trade account holder.

Not yet a Middy's account holder? Sign up here.

Can I join in branch?

Yes, your local Middy’s branch team can help you complete the form.

Can my employees join?

Sorry, at the moment, only current Middy's account holders can join. Although, we do have a special benefit for your apprentices - check it out here.

Do I get a membership number or card?

No, your existing Middy's account will be updated and benefits automatically applied.

Do I earn loyalty points?

No, we wanted to keep it simple. Each benefit comes with its own perks that you will have access to, and can use as you please.

How do I redeem Trade Accelerator benefits?

Once you have signed up, follow the links to each benefit above and follow the instructions. You can always ask the team at your nearest Middy's branch to help also.

Is there an expiry on benefits?

No, by their nature they are open-ended. The only expiry date may be the end of a particular promotion or event.

Is there a limit on the benefits I can redeem?

No, consider them unlimited.

Will you use my data for other purposes?

At Middy’s we respect and treat your data with the same confidentiality and privacy as all Middy's customers' data. From time to time we will contact you with information and offers exclusive to Middy's Trade Accelerator.

I have more questions - who can I talk to?

Contact your local Middy's branch - our team are the experts on all things to do with Middy's Trade Accelerator.

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