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Fill out the application and answer the 6 simple questions below to apply:
The process is straight forward and should take you only 20 minutes or so. If you run a small electrical contracting business with up to 5 staff and think you deserve a break we’d like to hear from you.

There are no right or wrong answers, we genuinely and honestly want to hear about your business and what it is about your business that makes it unique.


  • Australian registered Electrical Contracting businesses with 1-5 staff
  • Middy’s account customers of at least 1 year with $5,000 min monthly spend
  • Business must be trading for at least 1 year +
  • Click here for full Terms & Conditions 

Small Business Award Application

Applicant Details:

Full Name:
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Business Name:
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1. Tell us about your business.
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Eg. How long have you been around / what is it about your business that makes it successful. Anything interesting or unique about your business you'd like to tell us?

2. What market segment does your business specialise in?
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Eg. Residential, Commercial, Data, Fire, Automation, general Electrical...

3. How do you intend to spend the funds should you win?
Add any previous training you have completed recently.

How would you spend the money? Capital improvements, Infrastructure upgrade? Some new tools? Maybe a van fit-out... you decide...

4. What are your future business plans?
Add any concerns you have in your industry.

Where do you see your business headed in the future? How do you see the award helping you in achieving these plans?

5. Why is Middy's your wholesaler of choice?
Add some emerging themes and potential growth areas in your industry.

Convenience? Pricing? Service? Local branch proximity? You tell us...

6. How could Middy's improve?
Add some reasons why we should consider you for a scholarship.

Could Middy's be better? Are there areas where Middy's could help your business that we don't currently do?

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