EnergyTrust® is a unique software tool developed by Middy’s TechEnergy. The EnergyTrust® software uses your customers energy bills and usage data to generate custom project proposals that are specific to your customers individual requirements.

Use EnergyTrust® to take estimating, creating customer proposals and quoting to a whole new level. The best in class ROI proposal tool enables you to take your customer on an energy efficiency journey and help them reduce their energy bills by seeing accurate cost projections and savings. The software can also be used as a contractor quoting tool allowing you to reduce quoting time and streamline your admin tasks to make your business more efficient.

How it works:

  • Customers Bills & Data

  • EnergyTrust Software 

  • Energy Project Proposals

  • Reduced energy costs & bills

Program outputs:

  • Client snap shots providing a quick visual of options available, cost involved and a return on investment
  • Detailed proposal providing all necessary information to make
    an informed decision
  • Your quote to your customer
  • Middy’s quote to you for equipment required to complete the project 

The benefits:

  • Energy calculators that help estimate power needs, emissions reduction and potential cost savings
  • Coordinate projects, do complex calculations and win work in seconds
  • Easy way to manage and streamline multi technology proposals and produce accurate, convincing proposals with ease

Technologies offered:

  • Solar
  • Battery Storage 
  • LED Lighting 
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Power Factor Correction 
  • Energy Monitoring

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