Enhance Your Skills

Enhance Your Skills

Enhance your skills and knowledge, grow your career.

Middy's offers training for all electrical contractors on a broad range of products and their applications. Courses are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge and grow your career by developing new income streams in emerging markets.

Middy’s has been proudly supporting the Australian Electrical Industry since 1928 and as such, is committed to enhancing the standards of the electrical and data industry. The advent of new technologies and advanced systems for home, office and industrial environments means that up to date skills are essential. To help Australian Electricians be all that they can be, Middy’s also offers $90,000 worth of contractor training as part of its annual Scholarship Program. 

As Middy’s offers a flexible approach to all training offered, course content, times and locations are able to be customised for your needs.

Industry training is open to all members of the electrical industry from apprentices to electrical contractors and industry professionals. All training is conducted by Middy's Smart Centre using professional trainers in association with our training partners.

Our training courses can be tailored to suit individual needs. Online training is available to those who are located in rural areas or find it difficult to take time off work. We also work closely with key industry suppliers and associations to provide training on new release products and services available in the market.

For a comprehensive list of the training courses offered, visit our contractor training section with online booking facilities.

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